amplaffy 36: Founder Story & Funding Workshop, Central library Oodi, keskiviikko, 19. kesäkuu 2019

Get a chance to get insights from an entrepreneur! Tomi Kaukinen is a hands on serial entrepreneur not afraid of the weirdest ideas and executions. He has taken his company to markets in Spain and South East Asia and worked with some of the biggest media companies in the world. He has successfully raised several millions from Angels, VC's and Business Finland. He is now sharing his knowledge and tips through What: Discussion on the rough sides of entrepreneurship & Funding Workshop Where: Room 7 (Oodi Central library Helsinki) When: 19.06.2019 at 12:30 Fee: Free of charge Bonus: Light lunch included! This session is part of our 'amplaffy 36' program and participants to that will be prioritized. Join here: As long as there are free seats you can also sign up through eventbrite to attend just this session. See you soon! Detailed Program: 12:30 Light Lunch 13:00 Tomi's Story - Discussion 13:40 Funding Workshop (including break) - 'Funding sources and right approach for your company stage'

keskiviikko, 19. kesäkuu 2019, Central library Oodi, amplaffy 36: Founder Story & Funding Workshop

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