BrainStormCorner - Make Your Ideas Reality @Toinentoimisto, Toinen toimisto, maanantai, 18. marraskuu 2019

Tapahtuma on suomeksi mutta tulkataan myös englanniksi tarpeen mukaan. The event is held mainly in Finnish, but English translation is available.
Let’s create a new project around your new idea!
Let’s jolt our mind. You will join in a group of 3-4 people, in realistic and goal oriented discussion but with a larger than usual perspective, say ”the galaxy” or ”human lifespan"
We’ll connect the dots in a very wide variety of issues in society & technology. We'll identify problems, opportunities and ideas emerging from the vision. There are no stupid questions or silly ideas. Insights often come from surprising directions.
First, BrainStorm, then write down a project plan, complete with deadlines and tasks. Let’s take real steps! You can start by cooperating with your discussion group after the event, or we can follow up and help you find other people and resources for the project.

Visit event partner websites at and

Come get to know each participant and make new friends. Use BrainStormCorner methods to combine your understanding of key issues in technology, society, business and the world, and tackle together the BIG picture. The aim is to generate new insights and real projects for each other!

Schedule 16:00 Starting event, intro
16:20 Form three person teams and start BrainStorming. Input your idea or business topic into the brainstorm.
17:30 Write down your new project plan(s)18:00 Presentation / pitching. Form groups and share advice on how to start the project.18:30 onwards: Conclusion, free networking is possible afterwards.

BrainStormCorner is a brand new, globally minded project and idea incubator You can participate in! Based in Tampere, Finland. Website launched
Toinen toimisto is a co-working space in central Tampere. Toinen Toimisto ei ole vain tila, se on tunne. Tunne kuuluvuudesta ja yhteydestä. Tunne siitä, että on osa jotain isompaa kokonaisuutta. Tunne siitä, että kaikkea ei tarvitse eikä pidä jaksaa yksin. Pienetkin kohtaamiset mahdollistavat isoja asioita ja synnyttävät uusia ideoita.

Saapuminen Toiselle Toimistolle tapahtuu parhaiten Finlaysoninkuja 3:n rapun kautta. Ovisummerin avulla vapautuu myös hissi, millä pääset suoraan Toisen Toimiston ovelle kolmanteen kerrokseen.
Arrival at the Toinen Toimisto is easiest throgh Finlaysoninkuja 3. There is Intercom Entry System.  Toinen Toimisto is in the 3rd floor. Elevator is in use.

maanantai, 18. marraskuu 2019, Toinen toimisto, BrainStormCorner - Make Your Ideas Reality @Toinentoimisto

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