Catalyst Program: Digitalization Editon - Info Session, The Shortcut, tiistai, 23. huhtikuu 2019

Feel left behind and want to catch up?
Come find out how to start your journey into the Finnish Tech and Startup World.

The Shortcut's Catalyst Program is designed to strengthen your skills and develop new ones that will help you kick start your career.
Our program has a hands-on approach where you will learn and put your new digital skills into action through projects and workshops.
About the Program
During the Immersion/orientation sessions, participants will have the opportunity to assess their skills, learn about the startup community in Helsinki and deep-dive into the startup mindset.
There are several workshops and sessions facilitated around creative job searching, effective communication skills, self-assessment, coaching, networking and other peer learning group activities.
Participants will also have the opportunity to explore various startup Hubs and communities across the Helsinki Region such as Startup Sauna, Design Factory, A-Grid, Helsinki Think Company, Maria01 and many more and thus be a part of multiple networking and industry specific learning opportunities.
From Web Development to Digital Marketing and Content Creation.
Participants will form teams and will be able to select a project, part of the hands-on approach means they will be learning and applying their new skills in such project.
All participants will have workshops in HTML, Wordpress, SEO as well as in social and content creation platforms.
Participants will get an opportunity to:

Navigate through the Startup ecosystem,

Learn concrete web development skills (Wordpress, HTML, CSS),

Join our peer learning clubs,

Attend digital marketing workshops,

Have mentorship sessions with a diverse group of founders

Have the opportunity to apply for internships/work in startups and scaleups in our ecosystem.

The Catalyst Program is for:

Non-Finnish citizens, registered with the TE-office as unemployed jobseekers that have valid residence permit.

Those fluent in written and spoken English

People confident using basic office technology.

Those who are curious about tech and enthusiastic about working in teams.

People able to keep up in a fast-paced environment.

The next edition of The Shortcut’s Catalyst Program begins on May 20 and the training will continue for 72 days.
How to apply
The program begins on May 20, 2019 and you can apply by May 10, 2019 with a statement of motivation and your CV/ LinkedIn.

tiistai, 23. huhtikuu 2019, The Shortcut, Catalyst Program: Digitalization Editon - Info Session

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