Deals, law and financing for Tech Freelancers, Kaivokatu 10 A, torstai, 02. toukokuu 2019

This event is intended for tech professionals, who are or either thinking of becoming a freelancer. 
Have you been thinking about getting a friend to join your company as a partner? How do you handle your finances, how much money do you keep in the firm and how much do you pay yourself?
..And what does this all mean in practice?
We wanted to create an opportunity for Freelancers to ask help from subject professionals and gain answers. For this session, we have three main themes we are going to be covering (no any restrictions though).

Deals, Janne from Tentimes

Pricing, what indicators and tools to use to determine your price
Sales toolkit for Freelancers, how you can improve your sales

Contracts & Taxation, Thomas from Tentimes and Lawyer Teemu Oksanen from Futurice

What terms to look at before signing a contract
How to (financially) benefit from a limited company

Savings, Investments and Financing, Henri Huttunen from OP

What do Freelancers require from their bank, really
How freelancers handle their money

torstai, 02. toukokuu 2019, Kaivokatu 10 A, Deals, law and financing for Tech Freelancers

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