Design Breakfast Tampere, Vincit Tampere, torstai, 16. toukokuu 2019

Wake up to a better tomorrow at Design Breakfast!
Design Breakfast is an open space for sharing ideas and insight about design and digital services. The setting is casual, but our goal is grand – we want to create brave new solutions that make an impact. Join in the conversation over a cup of a coffee!
Design Breakfast is series of events at Vincit offices introduce guest speakers who share their expertise and thoughts on designing a better tomorrow.
On 16.5. 9:00 morning we talk about storytelling and creating impact through emotions. Storytelling and narratives can be used to share experiences and hence cultivate empathy, the core connection between one another.
Our speakers are
- Storyteller and film director Eero Tiilikainen. In his speech Eero will give food for thought about investigating the self through narrative, one’s life story. Self and personal identity are strongly bound to narratives and affect the way we see ourselves and others. Is ‘Self’ a story?- One of the pioneers in the field of Cinematic VR and Founder of Rakka Creative and Keho Interactive Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen. Ilmari will talk about the language of storytelling in VR environment. What possibilities this format has to offer and how we should think 360 videos and Virtual reality.
09:00 Coffee & smoothies and networking
09:15 Speaks
Eero Tiilikainen - Investigating the self through narrativeIlmari Huttu-Hiltunen - Language of storytelling in VR environment
Free discussion
10:30 Event closes
Reserve your seat by Thursday, 16.5. Be fast – seats are limited. And if you have to cancel, please let us know beforehand so we can release your seat.

torstai, 16. toukokuu 2019, Vincit Tampere, Design Breakfast Tampere

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