DEVOPS 2018, Clarion Hotel Helsinki, torstai, 13. joulukuu 2018

Eficode and Alibaba Cloud welcome you to DEVOPS 2018!
The Europe’s leading Devops event is back in Finland in 2018! DEVOPS 2018 brings the best Devops experts to the Clarion hotel in Helsinki for two days of technical and operational keynotes, workshops and demo presentations.
This year, the key theme of the event is Intelligent Leadership with AI.
The tickets will be sold in separate stages: Blind bird, Early bird, General admission, VIP and Last Call. Currently we are selling the Early Bird tickets. All the ticket prices will be the following:Blind Bird: 399 €
Early Bird: 499 €
General Admission: 599 €
More information about the event coming soon!

torstai, 13. joulukuu 2018, Clarion Hotel Helsinki, DEVOPS 2018

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