Employee Experience Journey Mapping, Gräsantörmä 2, keskiviikko, 22. toukokuu 2019

Workshop: An Employee centric approach to HR
Employee Experience Journey Mapping (EXJM) is an interactive workshop and methodology based on Design Thinking, developed together with Oracle and Stanford University, to deliver a better employee experience, improve engagement, productivity, performance, and competitiveness.
Would you like to:

Look at HR services from a completely new, innovative perspective?
Create solutions to people related issues by focusing on the employees’ emotional journey?
Understand your employees’ behavior and the impact, positive or negative, on your organization?

This hands-on, crash course showcases the step-by-step process for mapping the journey your employees have with your organization and delivering the right experience to influence the attitudes that will ultimately drive the outcome you desire. This session is the best 3.5 hours you can spend to go from thought leadership to action leadership in Employee Experience! The seminar will be held in English. Warm welcome to our Oracle office, Wednesday 22nd May at Gräsantörmä 2, in Espoo!
The workshop is free of charge and you are very welcomed to stay for a lunch with us after the to know more about EXJM? Contact Ewa Tawaststjerna at , also in Finnish! Check out this new flipbook about Employee Engagement Journey Mapping and this video from a recent workshop.

keskiviikko, 22. toukokuu 2019, Gräsantörmä 2, Employee Experience Journey Mapping

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