English stand-up: Oleg Denisov @ Bar Ö (FREE entry), Bar Ö, torstai, 05. syyskuu 2019

Critically acclaimed and award-nominated Russian comedian, star of the recent FinFringe Festival, presents his third, hilarious international hour of stand-up.

"Don't remember when I laughed this hard" Turun Sanomat.

5 September 2019

Power Comedy Club

Doors: 19-30

Show: 20-00

Entrance: FREE (seat reservation recommended), with voluntary donation of 7-10 Euro at the end.

Oleg Denisov: Russian Troll

Days of myths, fairy tales and privacy are gone. We know all the data, now how do we live with each other? And can people actually build a life together based on anything else than shared delusions? Russia’s Fringe veteran of political comedy and philosopher by training, Oleg, presents a new show about fake news and freedom of speech, magical realism and transitional capitalism, global politics and dysfunctional relationships.

"Razor-sharp insight and rapid-fire laughs" – Manchester Evening News.

“Top satirical stand-up... Highly intelligent” – .

“Impressive… enjoyable and interesting hour” – The List.

“A good dose of satire from Russian perspective. In turns intelligently political… and very silly. From Orwell, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov to some puns that Tim Vine would be proud of” – Fringepig magazine.

“Denisov is quick-fire funny and leads you along some curious byways with shocks and surprises on the way!” – Vin Arthey, The Scotsman journalist and best-selling author.

“Funny and political without being preachy, and as tightly written as any show you might see” – Sam Rhodes, comedian and promoter (UK).

“Preternaturally funny and brutally intelligent… totally unique!” – Ellyn Daniels, TV producer (USA).

torstai, 05. syyskuu 2019, Bar Ö, English stand-up: Oleg Denisov @ Bar Ö (FREE entry)

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