European Elections Youth Day with Frans Timmermans, Sofia Future Farm Bistro, perjantai, 29. maaliskuu 2019

European Elections Youth Day with Frans Timmermans - It’s Time to Act for Youth!The next European Elections will take place on 23-26 May 2019. European political parties have nominated their candidates to become the next President of the European Commission. To make sure young people’s voices are heard in 2019, the European Youth Forum is working with main European political parties, to talk about the issues that matter most to us.On 29th March, the first Youth Day will take place in Helsinki, where young people will have the opportunity to exchange views with Frans Timmermans, the candidate of the Party of European Socialists.The European Youth Forum is a non-partisan organisation representing the voices of youth organisations across Europe. We are working with all recognised European political parties to ensure youth and young people are priorities in the European elections. The Youth Days series will be key moments for young people to question and challenge the candidates, get responses to them on the issues they care about, and ensure their voices are Future Farm BistroAddress: Aleksanterinkatu 28, HelsinkiWhen?Friday, 29th March, 21.00What?1 hour exchange between young people and Frans Timmermans, moderated by the chairwoman of the finnish national youth council Elisa Gebhard. Theme 1. Free - Youth & European DemocracyTheme 2. Fair – Quality Jobs & Fighting InequalitiesTheme 3. Sustainable – Europe Against Climate ChangeThe debate will be followed by a DJ session and the venue and bar will be open until 02:00.The debate will also be streamed and interactive on Facebook live, so watch this space for the link on the day!Send your questions and join the debate on Twitter too: #ChangeIsComing

perjantai, 29. maaliskuu 2019, Sofia Future Farm Bistro, European Elections Youth Day with Frans Timmermans

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