Exhibition & Opening: Materials Matter, Dipoli, keskiviikko, 23. tammikuu 2019

Materials Platform is happy to introduce the Materials Matter exhibition to Aalto University and general audience. Come and see ten Aalto University in-house research projects developing in collaboration with a local, European and international institutions. Come and see the Material Innovations for the Future from the Aalto University!

Join us at the opening of Materials Matter exhibition on the 23rd of January, 14:00 at Dipoli.
Registration deadline is 11 of January 2019.
Register here.

About Materials Matter exhibition.
No matter how virtual our future will be, we still live in a material world.  The need for sustainable bio-based material solutions and circularity is increasing rapidly. What kind of approaches the ongoing material research has, what kind of outcome can be expected in the coming years?
Materials Matter exhibition aims to showcase scientifically novel material research from the Aalto University. Through the exhibition, the visitors will learn about ten innovative bio-based material research projects for the future, not commercially available yet. The exhibited projects were selected by the multidisciplinary organization team based on scientific novelty and potential interest to the audience. In true Aalto spirit and to attract the most interest, the exhibition has been made artistically ambitious by a team of designers.
The exhibition will be open for general public  22.01.2019 - 03.03.2019. To plan your visit, please, mind the Dipoli opening hours.
Organizer: Aalto University Materials Platform.

keskiviikko, 23. tammikuu 2019, Dipoli, Exhibition & Opening: Materials Matter

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