Female Founders Day, TAMK Proakatemia, torstai, 09. toukokuu 2019

Join us to learn and connect with female founders and VCs!
Even though the Nordic countries set a great example of gender equality, its startup and tech sector is still much dominated by males. Hopefully not for long, though, as these inspiring businesswomen and investors take over.
Female Founders Day is all about connecting with like-minded women in a nurturing and inspiring way. It's designed to promote diversity, learn from inspiring female founder stories, and to come away from the day with practical ideas and toolkits to accelerate your company's success.
We will have:

Founders talking about their key learning experiences, u-turns, and reflections on big wins and losses; how to bootstrap your company growth as well as navigate growth via VC funding route
A few seasoned independent advisors sharing their toolkits and observations of what has worked and what has not worked in building sustainable companies; across start-ups, SMEs, and large corporates.
Investors sharing their investment theses; helping you to find a VC with good fit with your chosen sector if funding is what you are looking for. Further, you can book yourself an informal conversation spot in one of our 20min roundtables, which facilitate one investor with 3-4 founders for an informal discussion - off stage, no hard pitching here! It is a people business - get to know VCs and fellow founders who are on the same journey today!

You can be an aspiring founder at idea stage, start-up founder further in your journey, or an experienced founder/leader with a solid business to run but with aspirations for expansion. The objective of the day is for you to leave the day armed with a practical toolkit for sustainable growth.
Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story - both women and men are warmly welcome! 
Please note, all speakers and panel members participate on 'no fee' basis with a 'paying it forward' philosophy. Consequently there is no fee for participants either. However, there is a limited availability of spaces for participants and hence please let us know if you cannot make it so that we can give your spot to someone else.

AGENDA FOR THE DAYSpeakers and panelists will be announced shortly
12:30 Doors open, coffee & snacks - let's get to know each other!1:00 Welcome words1:15 Keynote 1 - "Building a resilient company - exploring real life scenarios"1:45 Founder Panel - "Founders navigating funding options - Learnings"

Founder perspective - Raising only as much as you need - not more! - and why this is important?
Founder perspective - Why turning down investment was the right decision - trusting your gut!
Founder perspective - How to navigate winning a grant for innovation project - not equity funding! - from likes of Google?

2:15 Investor intros - Investors present on the day share their investment theses - are they the right fit for you?BreakMAIN STAGE3:00 Founder Panel - "Bootstrapping your growth - many ways to get there!"3:30 Keynote 2 - TBD4:15 What else is going on - other organisations' events and opportunities to participate in!4:30 General networking - investors included!INVESTOR TABLES - "Girls just want to get funded"The event will hold tables for 4-5 founders and one investor for 20min general discussion & connection opportunity. You can book yourself a slot at registration or on the day. The list of investors will be confirmed ahead of the event.3:00 - 20 min3:20 - 20 min3:40 - 20 min4:00 - 20 min
5:00 - Doors close - you might want to head of to the next event Startup Tampere Meetup at Tribe Tampere

torstai, 09. toukokuu 2019, TAMK Proakatemia, Female Founders Day

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