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FGJ19 is arranged on 25th - 27th of January 2019 as a part of Global Game Jam. Join FGJ Turku by registering to this event. Each location has their own registration; to see them all, see . Registration closes on 23rd of January at 23:59.
The registration is free of charge, but until December 31st you have a chance to buy the FGJ19 tee for 17,50 € when signing up! See the preliminary design from here (subject to some changes). You'll get the shirt when you come to the game jam (t-shirts will not be delivered by mail). For size information see the document here.
The site has an age limit of 18+. There are 20 computers and a VR room available for jammers. This site has wheel chair access. If you have any questions, contact . For more general questions about Finnish Game Jam or Global Game Jam, you can contact .

perjantai, 25. tammikuu 2019, Hive - Turku Game Hub, FGJ Turku

SPL - Jalostustarkastus Turku

SPL - Jalostustarkastus Turku

sunnuntai 03. syyskuu 2028
Nuri sahin

Nuri sahin

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