FinIce 2020: European Cup Finals and Youth Open Competition, OKS91 ice climbing tower, lauantai, 29. helmikuu 2020

The Climbing Club of Oulu (Oulun kiipeilyseura -91 ry) invites you to the FINICE2020 event. The main event is Ice Climbing European Cup Finals  We have also open competition for youth under 16 years, who are too young to attend the European Cup. Youth has to be born in year 2007 or before. All finnish citizens compete also in the Finnish Championships, there is no separate competition, results are taken from the European Cup and open Youth competition standings.
FinIce 2020 will take place on saturday 29th of February. All athletes should arrive to Oulu the evening before the competition (i.e., Friday 28th) because we start early in the morning. We recommend staying until Sunday 1st of March so you can enjoy the closing party at Saturday evening. 
Competitor registration is done by buying a competitor ticket and filling the UIAA form. Competitor ticket sale ends on Friday 28th of Februay at 18 PM (EET), it is not possible to purchase the competition ticket on-site. 
Link to UIAA competitor registration form:  
Tickets include a warm lunch, coffee & crepe at the compoetiton site and the legendary closing party at Oulu Climbing center. Closing party includes dinner buffet, warm sauna and hot tub at the terrace and a disco at the rope climbing hall!
Family members, coaches, friends and other spectators: Purchase a climbing community ticket for the Finice 2020 event and you will get same servings as the competitors, including the closing party. 
Ticket prices for the competitors and the climbing community are:

Early bird ticket: bought before the end of October: 28€. 
Normal price ticket: bought between 1st of November - 31st of January: 35€
Late bird ticket: bought in February: 42€. Competitors need to buy the ticket before Friday 28th of February 18PM!

The detailed schedule of the competition and side events, rules, description of the climbing venue and other information will be available at: .
This map shows you important places in Oulu (Will be updated when we know if we get hotel discounts).

lauantai, 29. helmikuu 2020, OKS91 ice climbing tower, FinIce 2020: European Cup Finals and Youth Open Competition

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