Finnish Working & Innovation Culture (1), Innovation House Finland Kallio, lauantai, 15. kesäkuu 2019

纯怡Media - a project of 3stones Edtech, presents: a live culture training, parts of which will also be documented. (20% discount of ticket price if you share your story of cultural transition for our Edtech video sharing platform during tea time - discount accessed via the ticket "Interview")
Are you looking for work in Finnish companies, or perhaps wanting to establish your own company in Finland? Develop personal skill via immersion and experience, under expert cross-cultural guidance. Program Day 1 (For Day 2 tickets - Futurice CSR x Sauna workshop - please see separate event)Saturday, 15 June1500-1630 Art Immersion Workshop developing personal creativity skills linked with the innovative imagination. Workshop is tailored for change management in the cultural transition context by teacher & artist Paula Rusokallio (More information: )
Location: Artist studio in Töölö (exact address will be sent to participants closer to date)
--Transportation to Kallio Innovation House --
1700-1830 Explorations into Finnish Working Culture at Innovation House Finland Kallio By 3stones Edutech
-Greeting from Innovation House Finland and introduction to Innovation House culture (video).
-Finnish Working Culture 101 - training, sharing 3stones Edtech video stories on China-Nordic cultural transition, together with fresh Aalto University research on intercultural management from the startup context: Case study of Slush China by fellow Slush China founding member, Hai Sun
1830-1915 Networking Tea. The possibility to share your story of cultural transition for the benefit of the ecosystem (interviews scheduled seperately for Sunday 16 June)
Companies/Startups: Do you need connections to the Finnish ecosystem? Together with our extensive Finnish ecosystem networks, we can help! Let us know of your need at the event, and we will schedule a meeting with our network partner for you. 
Please notice: The event will take place only if we have 10 participants.
Please request Chinese translation for event at least 5 days in advance

lauantai, 15. kesäkuu 2019, Innovation House Finland Kallio, Finnish Working & Innovation Culture (1)

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