Finnish Working & Innovation Culture (2), Löyly Sauna, maanantai, 17. kesäkuu 2019

Monday 17 June Day 2 of "Working in Finland" culture training 1700-1745 Head of CSR at Futurice and one of the founding members of Better Future Finland Sergiu Tauciuc shares about Futurice's social impact culture & impact investment fund
Exact location: sent to participants in welcome letter
--Transportation to Löyly--
1830-2000 Sauna Workshop at Löyly Seaside Sauna. 
History, wellness and traditions of Finnish Sauna. Step-by-step instruction for sauna culture! We also hear how former Finnish President Kekkonen treated his guests with sauna! Bring your swimsuit.
Swimming in the sea possible Sauna drink included in price. 
Advance notification requested for Chinese translation.
Notice: Event will only take place if we have a total of ten participants

maanantai, 17. kesäkuu 2019, Löyly Sauna, Finnish Working & Innovation Culture (2)

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