Food + Tech Hackathon, Tribe Tampere, lauantai, 23. marraskuu 2019

Food + Tech Hackathon
Foodtechies, Tribe Tampere, Valaa Technologies and cordially invite you to participate Tampere's 1st ever Foodtech Hackathon. Come and join us in solving today's local and global food challenges!

How would a Platform 6 community co-kitchen become Intelligent (together with )

What would food entrepreneurs (home / popup cooks, mobile restaurants, trailers, or early stage food business...) really need to market themselves digitally and to reach customers? (together with )

Your own Foodtech case and team... We welcome all Food + Tech related challenges!

To whom:

Students, researchers, innovators in the field of food and foodtech.

Developers, who want to learn how technology can solve local and global food challenges.

People interested in innovating, designing and solving challenging business cases.

Why participate?
Learn more about food + tech and opportunities
Startups are recruiting --> show your talents now!
Network & develop your CV
...Food & Drinks!
How it works?
The main target is to learn more about how technology can be used to solve the modern day challenges of the food industry, create interesting concepts solving these challenges and to pitch your solutions by the end of Hackathon. And most importantly, to have fun and meet new people. You are provided with the needed tools, support, food & drinks, and access to the Tribe premises to overcome the challenges.
Everyone is encouraged to present and pitch his or her solution. All submissions to the Food + Tech Hackathon remain the intellectual property of the individuals/organizations that developed them. Submissions will be presented to the challenge-owners, who then have the preferential right to negotiate further co-operation or even purchase the solution.
Food and drinks will be provided during the event. Our food community will do it's best to keep you happy and focused!

Recognition!... and some yummy food prizes.

Preliminary agenda:

12pm - Food & how it works, challenges, teaming,
2pm - session:  intro to food + tech global challenges,
4pm - 24h Hackathon starts, fast food


10 am – Breakfast
4pm - pitching of challenges, end fiesta

Full agenda to be announced. Please stay tuned.
Event facilitators:
General information: Kimmo Rouhiainen 040 583 1100
Foodtech sessions: Vivian Leung
This event is brought to you by:
Tribe Tampere
Tampere ES       
Valaa Technologies

lauantai, 23. marraskuu 2019, Tribe Tampere, Food + Tech Hackathon

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