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[FREE] Be someone else for a day, Suomi, keskiviikko, 24. huhtikuu 2019

Wanna look a stranger in the eye for 60 seconds?
Wanna speak in public for 10 minutes?
Wanna learn to play piano for 1 hour?
Wanna work in a flower shop for an afternoon?
Wanna walk your dog with a stranger for half an hour?
Wanna tell the blind what the buttons on this coffeemaker say?

Whatever you wanna do or haven’t done yet, however weird or normal it is, tell Gift and consider it done, whoever you are, individuals, nonprofits or businesses.

In Gift, everyone helps everyone. Everyone is a gift to one another.

- How to be on the Gift list?
- Write a Gift to @gift_global on Weibo or Instagram.

- How to write a Gift?
- Simple, just write who you are, what you want done, and how to contact you. You may provide or request help. For example -

“Hey I am Jack from LA, right now a freelance photographer. I am visiting Shanghai next month and would like to donate my Sunday afternoons to anyone for anything that you think I might be capable of. Contact me @jack on Instagram please. Cheers!”

"Hello everyone, I recently opened a ramen restaurant in Tokyo. Welcome to experience being a waiter for 2 hours. As a gift, a bowl of ramen is given to you for free. For March 2019 only, please contact me on Weibo @东京拉面. Thank you!”

- How to receive a Gift?
- Every Friday, the Gift list will be posted on Weibo and Instagram. Check it out, pick one and contact the Gift initiator to be the Gift.

- Is it free to post a Gift?
- For free Gifts, yes. For paid Gifts, Gift takes a 10% commission on each Gift taken.

Why Gift?

Not just for nonprofits, but for everyone.

Asking strangers for help, sounds strange? Not here.

Donate time / talent, rather than money.

Who am I? Where am I? The answers change every day.

Now, for a better community / city / country, what do you want to add to the Gift list?

keskiviikko, 24. huhtikuu 2019, Suomi, [FREE] Be someone else for a day

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