From mass communication to personal dialogues: Personalization 2.0, Block by Dylan, torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019

We are all unique, new channels and change in customer behavior result in a need to deliver a coherent experience across channels. Yet most digital experiences are static and do not live up to new and higher set expectations.
The growing need for personalization to stay relevant is increasing, but to manage thousands and thousands of interactions is not easy. Welcome to the era of hyper personalization!
Join us in this seminar and you will  learn:
-How to create a business case of investing in personalization -How to get started and prioritize personalization initiatives-Examples of different personalization techniques you can start using already today
We will also showcase how Episerver Personalization works, powered by AI in both web, e-commerce and email.
08.30 - 09.00: Breakfast and registration09.00 - 09.45: How to create a business case for personalisation09.45 - 10.15: Showcase of different personalisation tactics10.15 - 10.30: Questions
For those who would like to stay and discuss how personalisation can be applied in your business, or go deeper into how to set up personalisation, you will have a chance to do so after the seminar. 

                                                 Mårten Bokedal, Senior Manager Marketing Nordics

                                                           Petri Isola, Solution Architect, Episerver

torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019, Block by Dylan, From mass communication to personal dialogues: Personalization 2.0

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