Getting over informal hierarchy: a facilitated discussion, Central Library Oodi, perjantai, 22. marraskuu 2019

About this event
This is a facilitated workshop for employees who'd like to discover and share ways to climb up or around informal hierarchies in their organizations. 
This session is limited to maximally 15 attendees currently working in "flat" or "no/low hierarchy" organizations, but anyone is welcome to discuss related thoughts, experiences, or solutions on the Facebook event page regardless of whether they can actually attend the event.

*FYI: This workshop is associated with a graduate research project, and the session will be digitally observed, recorded, analyzed, and summarized for academic purposes. Any published data or summaries derived from this session will use pseudonyms for both participants and any mentioned organizations. Registration and/or participation in this event acknowledges and represents consent to this recording and data usage.

Session details:

Location: Oodi Central Library [Töölönlahdenkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki]

*The room number will be sent to event participants the day prior to the event.*

Time: 17:15-20:00

Agenda (to be updated below):

17:15-17:30 participants arrive

17:30-17:45 Greetings & facilitation process orientation, question selection

*Facilitated discussion (format dependent on number of attendees

19:15-19:35 Consolidation & Feedback

19:35-20:00 General networking & discussion

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach me at

perjantai, 22. marraskuu 2019, Central Library Oodi, Getting over informal hierarchy: a facilitated discussion

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