14. huhtikuu 2018 - 22:00

Gorgon City - Kingdom Tour, Suomi, lauantai, 14. huhtikuu 2018

Gorgon City ensimmäistä kertaa Suomeen 14 huhtikuuta 2018! Lipunmyynti alkaa tiistaina 5.12.17 Ticketmaster.fi!


14.04.2017 The Circus Helsinki

Gorgon City have already reached great heights relatively early on in their career, yet it seems as though they are still just getting started. Shortly after Foamo (Kye Gibbon) and RackNRuin (Matt Robson-Scott) began gaining a little local traction in their native London, their combined effort swiftly propelled them to the top of the global dance scene. Now doubling as revered performers and chart-topping tastemakers, the British duo has big plans for the future.

The dynamic duo were part of an important movement in electronic music in the early 2010s, helping spur a global acceptance of house music into popular culture alongside acts like Duke Dumont, Disclosure, and Route 94. While America may have taken an extra moment to come around to this new sound, the movement has become intercontinental, with a ubiquitous presence in clubs and at festivals. Singles like “Ready For Your Love” and “All Four Walls” have definite mass appeal, though ultimately it would be unfair to pigeonhole the artists into their approachable sound. Gorgon City are here to represent and uphold the underground culture, while also making catchy music with quality songwriting!


Milla Lehto (Bass Game)

Full line up julkistetaan asap!

The Circus, Salomonkatu 1-3, Helsinki
Saturday 14.04.2018
Doors: 22-04
Age limit: K18



TICKETS - Ticketmaster.fi
• Osta liput täältä:
• Regular tickets 22,5e (incl. ticket fee)
• VIP tickets 35e (incl. ticket fee)

VIP Ticket includes:
- VIP entrance line
- 2nd floor own VIP area
- 2nd floor bar to use only for VIP persons
- 2nd floor own toilets + smoking room
- 2nd floor views directly to the stage
- 2nd floor access only for VIP persons



'Always look on the bright side of life'

lauantai, 14. huhtikuu 2018, Suomi, Gorgon City - Kingdom Tour

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