18. syyskuu 2020 - 11:00 asti 12:00
FinlandHelsinkiYliopistonkatu 4

Guided Art Historical Tours: Newest Architecture of City Centre, Tiedekulma, perjantai, 18. syyskuu 2020

The tour presents architecture of the 2000s situated on the city centre campus. Some of the places you will visit are the Think Corner, Kaisa-library and the Swedish School for Social Science.

Starting point: Think Corner, Yliopistonkatu 4



Summer 2020 tours are open and free to everybody, outside and take about one hour. On one tour, we take max. 15 participants. If this maximum is exceeded, we will have two half an hour tours, following each other. Welcome!

More outside guided tours on: https://kavelykierrokset.wordpress.com/ulkokierrokset-2020/

perjantai, 18. syyskuu 2020, Tiedekulma, Guided Art Historical Tours: Newest Architecture of City Centre

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