health design X amplaffy36: HealthTalent Mingle, Terkko Health Hub, keskiviikko, 16. lokakuu 2019

Join the healthdesign and amplaffy 36 participants for a community day filled with activities at Terkko Health Hub, right after the event has been wrapped up the previous day.
Program Starts from morning with Workshops tba soon!

At 16:00 we will gather for a Mingle between startups, scaleups, healthtech professionals, and other enthusiasts of the health sector.
The event will host an interactive panel discussion between job seekers and startups in the health space, with the aim to ease the job search and recruitment process for both sides, through discussion that will increase our understanding about the situation, behaviours and troubles of each side.

Where: Terkko Health Hub, Haartmaninkatu 4When: 16.10.2019 at 16:00Fee: Free of charge

For whom:
- you are looking for opportunities in health sector
- you are building your health startup team
- you are an ecosystem player in the health sector
- you are a healthtech enthusiast or professional


Morning Workshops

16:00 Arrival
16:15 Welcome by healthdesign and amplaffy

16:30 Interactive Panel: BRIDGE THE HIRING GAP health sector edition
- Hala Fakhro, Healthtech Professional 
- Prateek Singh, CEO at Finnadvance
- tba

18:00 Mingle
20:00 END

**Snacks and drinks will be provided**

keskiviikko, 16. lokakuu 2019, Terkko Health Hub, health design X amplaffy36: HealthTalent Mingle

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