How to Get Your Startup Funded?, NewCo Helsinki, maanantai, 17. joulukuu 2018

Are you familiar with the basics of how to get your startup funded? Are you trying to generate more interests and build attraction in the eyes of investors?
If you are on the threshold of starting activities in getting external funding outside the team members' pockets or FFF sources; or if you have just raised your first seed round and need more guidance on how to proceed in the road-map, join our workshop - How to get your startup funded.
 After a short introduction to the topic, we will continue with a roundtable discussion, where you can get your specific questions answered. You may come alone or with your co-founders, but most definitely, come with your questions! This event is in English and is free of charge for all participants! 
See preliminary agenda below:

13:00-13:10 Opening words
13:10-14:45 How to get your startup funded
14:45-15:00 Q&A session

maanantai, 17. joulukuu 2018, NewCo Helsinki, How to Get Your Startup Funded?

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