How To Sell In A World Where Sales People Are Not Wanted?, Maria 01, keskiviikko, 19. kesäkuu 2019

What are the tools, do's and don'ts of the sales of tomorrow?
As the buying behaviour has changed, there is not much room for legacy sales tactics in serving modern customers. A modern sales professional is a quality observer who makes sure each part of the automatized process works and focuses on the human-work (for example handling exceptions or need of empathy) only when it brings the highest value.
For agile startup companies this is an opportunity to build their sales machine the right way or the last moment to adapt.
Mr. Mikael Hugg and Aleksi Lehtola will come share with you their formula of how the FLB-model works (Find, Learn, Buy) for startups. The best thing in this model is that it builds efficiency with minimal personal resources for closing sales... And it works.
About The Speakers
Mikael Hugg is a turbocharged sales and marketing millennial, M.Sc. (Business & Economics), inspiring keynote speaker, startupper, millennial leadership expert, and serial learner, who wrote a book in 10 days, and learned how to build a motorcycle in 5 days. In addition, he has been a Millennial Advisor for several international C-level execs. and also decorated with a lifesaving medal. Whatever he does, he does it with passion, which reflects from his speeches, as well. LinkedIn: 
Aleksi Lehtola, M.Sc. (Marketing and international business), is a startup entrepreneur, networker and sales professional helping startups to tell their story and reach global markets. He has been a part of growth story of various SaaS and tech companies and driving their growth by building operations and channel partnerships in Finland, Mexico, France, UK and US. He is also an international speaker, mentor and founder of #BenchmarkBeers startup community. He is inspired by building the perfect scaling sales machine for Startups that is efficient, but keeps the human touch. LinkedIn: 

keskiviikko, 19. kesäkuu 2019, Maria 01, How To Sell In A World Where Sales People Are Not Wanted?

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