12. huhtikuu 2018 - 16:00

Hukkaputki 2018, Suomi, torstai, 12. huhtikuu 2018

Steps behind you are getting closer and closer....

...”What is that?” you wonder...



The legendary Hukkaputki, organized by KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA, is here again! Now is no time to look back, just keep running down the metro stairs or the Hukka is gonna get you!

Gather up your friends, put your overalls on and head to KY Building’s Alakertsi on Thursday April 12th. Dive into the depths of the metro tunnels and crawl your way to the Eastern Helsin... Wait a second! After all these years East and West are finally connected! Thanks to Länsimetro you can now crawl through all the way from our beloved Otaniemi to Eastern Helsinki! Enjoy some student-friendly priced beverages offered by the best pubs along the metro.

Please note that instead of teams the tickets are sold as 15-minute slots (e.g. 16:00-16:15). Pick the departure time which is the most suitable for you and inform it at the ticket sale. You can start your pub crawl between that 15-minutes slot you have chosen. At the event, please arrive in time in order to avoid overcrowding!

The crawl time is 4 hours and you have time until 23 o’clock to finish the underground journey. The fun does not end after the pub crawl but continues through the night. When you have finished your way out from the tunnels head to the Apollo Live Club where the official after party gathers all the crawlers together to party all night! Please notice that the overall badges will be shared at Apollo. When the break of dawn arrives, it’s time to head to the after after party at KY’s Alakertsi hosted by KUJ, the Cultural Sub-Committee of KY.

WHAT: Hukkaputki Pub Crawl 2018
WHEN: Thursday April 12th at 16-06 (Pub Crawl time 16-23)
WHERE: Metro tunnels of Helsinki and Espoo
START: Alakertsi, KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B )
FINISH: Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16)
AFTERPARTY: Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16) at 21-04, the program will be announced later!
AFTER AFTER PARTY: Hosted by KUJ at 03-06 am @ Alakertsi, KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B )


- - - - - -



22.3. 11-13 Undergraduate Centre lobby
3.4. 11-13 U-wing
5.4. 11-13 Undergraduate Centre lobby


22.3. 11-13 Porthania, Main lobby (Yliopistonkatu 3)

torstai, 12. huhtikuu 2018, Suomi, Hukkaputki 2018

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