Icebreaker Super Jam: Ways To Found Successful Companies, Maria 01, torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019

Icebreaker Super Jam is here again! Whether you're looking for your next adventure as a founder, advisor or early-stage team member in a strong tech company, Super Jam is a great place to start. You will get to know other professionals from the community and hear lessons learned from founders who have been there, done that.
This time the theme is Ways To Found Successful Companies. There's no one size fits all solution when it comes to founding great startups but one thing seems to combine many success stories is putting your existing skills and knowledge into use in a creative way. 
Serendipity helps you forward a ton – and to make it happen, you need to get yourself into surroundings where you can get lucky. You can start with Super Jam.
The program serves you a great combination of founder stories and networking with other community members. Make sure to share in the registration form what kind of people you're looking to meet and what are you hoping to achieve.
16.00 Doors open, registration
16.30 Ways To Found Successful Companies
16.50 From a lifestyle to a startup Atte Hujanen, Co-founder & CEO, Singa
17.10 How to turn your corporate career into startup lifeJohanna Sinkkonen, Co-founder & CEO, Lumoa
17.30 Facilitated networking 
18.30 Free mingling, food, drinks
20.00 Bye 

torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019, Maria 01, Icebreaker Super Jam: Ways To Found Successful Companies

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