International Mingle Lunch - Your Career Opportunity ! , The Shortcut, perjantai, 17. toukokuu 2019

Why eat alone at your desk while working? Leave the desk behind for an hour and come to The Shortcut Lab to mingle, to network and to find your next career stept. Internationals: Here you find the event which caters to international, skilled English speaking talents. This Friday at 12:00 we welcome you to #ShareYourLunch mingle with the community, network, discover new opportunities and get to know startup founders or doers and their your food and share ! We will also have some nice and tastey food provided. 
So far, we have VEERA from SWAPPIE who will join us, stay tuned for more ! 
See you on Friday :D Where to find us: Maria 01, Entrance 15B, downstairs, entrance next to the pingpong table.

perjantai, 17. toukokuu 2019, The Shortcut, International Mingle Lunch - Your Career Opportunity !

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