JavaScript and ReactJS Clubs, The Shortcut, torstai, 20. kesäkuu 2019

The two Coding Clubs: JavaScript Club and ReactJS Club are open to everyone interested in learning by doing, regardless of the background and experience. Both take place at The Shortcut Lab every Thursday from 16:30 to 18:30.
JavaScript Club 
JavaScript Club is a peer-to-peer learning club where participants have the chance to learn through hands-on sessions that will get them acquainted with JavaScript.
The participants are divided into 3 groups:
- Complete beginners: those who are completely new to Web development, and want to learn from basic, starting with HTML and CSS.
- Above beginners: those who are comfortable with HTML and CSS but want to learn about basics of Javascript, starting with Vanilla Javascript to interact with the *** and build a static website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
- Intermediate: those who feel comfortable with Javascript syntaxes and fundamental concepts, starting with NodeJS and build a mini full-stack application.
ReactJS Club
ReactJS Coding Club is a peer to peer learning club where participants will have hands-on coding sessions to get acquainted with ReactJS.
Each session will guide you through different coding and learning sessions where you will learn from your peers, discuss and solve puzzles to build up projects. All of this will result in projects that can be used to showcase your newly acquired skills.
Either you don't have previous knowledge, or you are already acquainted with ReactJS and you would be willing to share your knowledge, you are warmly welcome.

We also welcome everyone who wants to be a coach in the Clubs to come and join us. If you want to deliver workshop(s), feel free to contact us directly via this email address

torstai, 20. kesäkuu 2019, The Shortcut, JavaScript and ReactJS Clubs

Lyconet Day 30.11.2019

Lyconet Day 30.11.2019

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