Launch of Nordic Circular Hotspot pre-study @ WCEF, Finlandia Hall, torstai, 04. heinäkuu 2019

Nordic Innovation are together with representatives from the Nordic countries supporting a prestudy of a new platform for collaboration about circular economy and innovation in the Nordic Region. You are invited to the first ever official meeting to participate in the first steps to launch this platform at the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki. Come and meet the starting group and network with the Nordic stakeholders and give your input to the pre-study. A very warm welcome!
Welcome - Marthe Haugland, Nordic Innovation
The benefits of a Nordic Circular Hotspot - Freek Van Der Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot
A joint goal for the Nordic region - Representative of WCEF
Busines sector need for collaboration - Flemming Besenbacher, Board of Directors Carlsberg Foundation
Call for participation - The Nordic hotspot working group; Cathrine Barth Circular Norway, Betina
Simonsen Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Josefina Sallén Rise and Elin Bergman Cradlenet
Mingle and drinks
Some light refreshments will be served.

torstai, 04. heinäkuu 2019, Finlandia Hall, Launch of Nordic Circular Hotspot pre-study @ WCEF

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