Maximise Your Potential: Joppe Quaedvlieg - OVERCOMING FEAR 10.10, Ihana Elämys Oy, torstai, 10. lokakuu 2019

You might know Joppe due to his extensive experience in organizing networking events at ArcticStartup, the EU-funded Multicultural Encounters he is involved in, Growth and Entrepreneurship (MEGE) project, WTSUP or StartupCircus.

Or, chances are, you have attended one of his many workshops that are personal passion project of him, helping people to cope with the challenges they have in ethical communication, growing and activating their network & non violent conflict resolution.
With nine years of experience as a sociotherapist in the Netherlands he developed his workshops on networking and communication. When he came to Finland to work in the startup world he created a vast network in Helsinki and an even bigger network in the startup world.
His passion and expertise on human behaviour goes deeper as he will help you to Overcome Fear. He will offer you information on the physiology of fear, on how the human body behaves in stressful situations.He will give you tools and techniques in identifying which of the ‘4 Fs’ (Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn) you’re mostly using when scared.He will explain to you what happens long term if you keep overusing a certain coping mechanism.

torstai, 10. lokakuu 2019, Ihana Elämys Oy, Maximise Your Potential: Joppe Quaedvlieg - OVERCOMING FEAR 10.10

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