Missing Maps Mapathon at Finnish Red Cross - August 2019, Finnish Red Cross Headquarters, torstai, 22. elokuu 2019

Welcome to create maps for a good cause at the Finnish Red Cross in Helsinki on Thursday 22nd of August!

We will trace roads and human settlements from satellite images into OpenStreetMap in order to support humanitarian response and economic development. Both newcomers and experienced mappers are warmly welcomed, we will guide you trough the basics of OpenStreetMap editing at the start of the event.

Project area will be announced closer to the event. We will map one of the tasks available in the HOT Tasking Manager: .

Bring your own laptop and a mouse (editing OSM without a mouse is a bit clumsy). If you don't have an OpenStreetMap account yet, you can create one at .

See you in Ullanlinna on Thursday the 25th of April at 5pm! In the meanwhile, join the discussion in the HOTOSM Finland facebook -group:

P.S. Here are some resources that are helpful for beginners.

Join the conversation at HOT-OSM Finland Facebook group.
If you don't have an OpenStreetMap account yet, create one at
Basic OSM skills - minimum time up to you, maximum time about 2 hours to complete
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) hotosm.org

There is also Facebook event page: 

By the way, we would happy have more volunteers organizing!


torstai, 22. elokuu 2019, Finnish Red Cross Headquarters, Missing Maps Mapathon at Finnish Red Cross - August 2019

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