Money Talks and BS Walks - Finland, Meeting Room, perjantai, 13. syyskuu 2019


This powerful and informative event will give you valuable insights into how to create wealth and generate income from the global equities market.
You will learn how to:

Identify the strongest companies in the world.

Know when is the best time to buy, sell and profit from your trades.

Generate an income and insure your shares in the market.

This will also be a great opportunity to meet with members who have already been trading successfully with us for several years.
In the moment of your decision to attend this event, your destiny is shaped.
We look forward to seeing you and empowering you on Thursday, 18th May at 7pm.
Click here for a brief 30 second preview of the event.

perjantai, 13. syyskuu 2019, Meeting Room, Money Talks and BS Walks - Finland

Koodiklinikka meetup vol. N

Koodiklinikka meetup vol. N

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