Mozilla x The Shortcut - Data Science Talk, The Shortcut, keskiviikko, 27. helmikuu 2019

WHYData Science is one of the hottest professions of our age. Data scientists are needed in many industries as making good decisions using data is recognised as a critical competitive advantage. Simultaneously, Data Science techniques, such as machine learning, are making new technologies possible while exposing society to new technical risks. Understanding Data Science can help you navigate our changing world and potentially prepare you for an exciting and rewarding will find out what Data Science is, the type of work data scientists undertake, learn the skills required for data science and what tools are needed. The learning path to become a data scientist and the problems you could encounter in the industry will also be outlined. HOWJesse McCrosky, Senior Data Scientist from Mozilla Corporation, will come to The Shortcut on Wednesday 27th February at 17.00-18.30 and provide a presentation for participants. FOR WHOMAnyone interested in learning about Data Science and what's needed to progress towards a career in the AND WHEREWednesday 27th February at 17.00-18.30 in The Shortcut Lab.

keskiviikko, 27. helmikuu 2019, The Shortcut, Mozilla x The Shortcut - Data Science Talk

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