Oil Pastels Workshop @ Kids Art party, Wanha Satama, sunnuntai, 01. syyskuu 2019

Oil Pastels Workshop @ The Kids Art Party
Following its successful transition into a global brand, the Tatinis Art Show comes to Helsinki this year under the theme Hope; Peace; Love at the Wanha Satama building from the 30 th of August to the 1st of September 2019. The Kids Art Party is part of this event.
Tatinis Art Show Helsinki in collaboration with artist Elizabeth San Miguel invites you to an oil pastels workshop.
Join us to make a picture of a toy, an experience or a person that you love and cherish! We will draw using oil pastels and scratching tools. You can come alone or with your mom, dad or other important person if you wish. We work in the workshop step-by-step led by the artist Elizabeth San Miguel.
Topic: Draw your favorite toy, animal, food or anything that you choose.
Age: 5 years on
Duration: 1 hour
Art Material : Included as part of the workshop
About Elizabeth San Miguel
Elizabeth San Miguel is a modern artist residing in Helsinki, Finland. Aside from producing abstract paintings on canvas, wood, and paper, she crafts artist books and constructs installations with traditional and recycled materials in the spirit of ecological art. Elizabeth actively participates in group and solo exhibitions. For her, art belongs to the daily life of everyone as a source of well-being. 

sunnuntai, 01. syyskuu 2019, Wanha Satama, Oil Pastels Workshop @ Kids Art party

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