Out of the Record SaaStock Afterparty Meetup, Fredrikinkatu 55, torstai, 23. toukokuu 2019

What are you doing on May, 23, right after the SaaStock, Helsinki?
We are having a relaxed evening of nibbles, drinks, poker, and a bit of banter here, at our office in the center of Helsinki - and we’d like you to come along. Bring your SaaStock attendee badge and welcome to the Out of the Record SaaStock Afterparty brought to you by Apifonica.The afterparty is a networking meetup where the people from the Nordic’s SaaS industry get to know each other and have fun. Every hour Apifonica’s Jouni Huotari will run a funny money poker tournament, with special SaaS-themed trophies for the winners.

torstai, 23. toukokuu 2019, Fredrikinkatu 55, Out of the Record SaaStock Afterparty Meetup

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