Pop-up Vaunutreeni Leppävaara, Leppävaara urheilupuisto, sunnuntai, 16. kesäkuu 2019

Enjoy a fun filled outdoor workout with your little one! 
This class will be a total body conditioning workout, for mom or dad with baby/toddler in the stroller.
The workout sessions will focus on functionality and overall strength that will include a combination of cardio and strength training - utilizing the environment, our stroller and body weight movements. No jogging.
Instruction in English (some Finnish or Swedish if needed).
Leppävaara Urheilopuisto entrance square; the big "torch" sculpture near the Angry Birds park.
This event is free for all, no prior experience needed. It is an introduction to my outdoors training classes for parents. Future events will be Tuesdays 10:00 and Sundays 13:00. More information can be found on my facebook pages: idunandbrage > events, or my web pages: 

sunnuntai, 16. kesäkuu 2019, Leppävaara urheilupuisto, Pop-up Vaunutreeni Leppävaara

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