Python Club, The Shortcut, maanantai, 18. helmikuu 2019

Why?Python is one of the most popular and high demand programming languages and its versatility is what makes it invaluable for a dynamic coding language like Python is a great foundation for growth in your career.Who is this for?No previous experience with Python is required and people of all levels are welcome to enable a positive peer to peer learning will you learn?The programming concept, what it means to practices (how to make coding productive, programming in a team, version control, code reviews etc.)A complete understanding of Python from the ground club runs once per week with two-hour sessions using peer to peer and where?Every Monday starting February 18 from 17.00 to 19.00 at The Shortcut Lab. Please NOTE! You have to bring your own laptop! 

maanantai, 18. helmikuu 2019, The Shortcut, Python Club

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