Skilled Internationals Monthly Meetup March, Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, torstai, 28. maaliskuu 2019

Join us for this special evening of business, networking, matchmaking, and drinks with great company in a relaxed atmosphere. Our monthly meetup designed to provide a platform where the B3CF members can meet with skilled internationals available for a short or long term employment.
The B3CF Skilled Internationals Programme is a modern innovative platform which provides companies with an untapped resources of prepared international qualified talent available in Finland. Our goal is to enable the Finnish society to invest and support diversity initiatives in business which benefits the bottom-line domestically and globally.
Programme's benefits:
FOR COMPANIES: Source, select, develop and employ skilled internationals as a creative contributors to your workforce
FOR INTERNATIONAL WORKERS: Meet your potential employer, improve your knowledge of Finnish labor law and find a job matching your skills
Dress Code: Business Casual
Cash Bar: Happy Hour prices on house wine and beer.
Registration: Free for B3CF members and candidates. Candidates will be invited to go through qualification process before the event. Registration ends on 21st March 2019. The number of places is limited.

torstai, 28. maaliskuu 2019, Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, Skilled Internationals Monthly Meetup March

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