SOCIAL TOOLS - TRAINING CIRCLE - SESSION 3, Pixelache, maanantai, 25. maaliskuu 2019

This is the third of a series of 6 follow-up events of the Social Tools 2018 conference. Since new practices cannot be established during a weekend workshop we decided to host 6 training sessions. The "program" for this 6 sessions will be based on the "12 Patterns of Decentralized Organizing" as outlined by Nat and Rich in their workshop.
For each of the peer learning session we will focus on one pair of those 12 patters. We will exchange experiences and practices, do some exercises and deepen our understanding of the patterns. We might have an online Q&A with some practitioners from abroad. We will pull in other resources and discussions, for example from Sociocracy 3.0 or Cultural Democracy. Each session will conclude with a Case Clinic. These sessions are open to anyone – not only Social Tools particpants.
Session 3 will focus on Patterns 11+12: "Use Rhythm to Align Autonomy" and "Find Your Own Patterns With Regular Retrospective."

maanantai, 25. maaliskuu 2019, Pixelache, SOCIAL TOOLS - TRAINING CIRCLE - SESSION 3

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