Supermetrics + Women in Tech Breakfast, Kaivokatu 10, torstai, 10. lokakuu 2019

We at Supermetrics are proud and happy to invite you to a Women in Tech Breakfast!

When and where?
Thursday, October 10th 7:30-9am
/ Supermetrics office @ Kaivokatu 10 A, 9th floor (00100 Helsinki)

As it is a breakfast event, there will be light breakfast :)

Topic of the day: Data visualization - from tables to story
Speakers: Anni Kuittinen + Aigerim Nukenova from Supermetrics 

As data is the new black, with data engineering, analytics and different solutions to tackle it on the rise, we wanted to dive into this very current topic via our lense.

Tables talk by Anni Kuittinen
Let's explore how Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio help Supermetrics data engineering team tackle the increased requirements of modern analytical workloads.
We will dive into how columnar databases and modern ELT processes can manage big data and support scalable, high-performance analytics and how Google Data Studio makes data story telling easy and available for everyone.

Story talk by Aigerim Nukenova 
We'll get comfortable with how you can create visualizations using Google Data Studio by loading data from Google BigQuery using Supermetrics connectors.
First we'll write short SQL statements to extract data from tables and create views in BigQuery and then we'll use the BigQuery views to blend data from two or more data sources and create data visualizations.

We hope you find these topics interesting and hope to see you here! 

torstai, 10. lokakuu 2019, Kaivokatu 10, Supermetrics + Women in Tech Breakfast

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