Talented x White Hat Hackers , Boogie Software HQ, keskiviikko, 06. helmikuu 2019

Have you ever wondered how to make money with hacking skills (legally), or what is the most cost-efficient way to find out security vulnerabilities? Or would you like to use your hacking skills for something fun yet important, such as a competition that wants to protect children worldwide against cyber threats through education?

Talented and Boogie Software warmly welcome you to learn about the mighty "White Hats" on Feb 6th at Boogie HQ!

How to make money with hacking skills (legally), and what is the most cost-efficient way to find out security vulnerabilities? One of the best, Lea "Ladybug" Viljanen, a White Hat herself, will answer these and many other questions. Lea is a software security entrepreneur who has a one-woman consultancy company and a company called Hackr.fi that sells security services and bug-bounty programmes as a service. If you ever need someone who knows how to use hacking skills for good, you better call Lea.
Moreover, if you're into competitions, we'll have Antti Ollila, the Global Cyberlympics 2018 silver medalist, telling us all about his team's trip to Global Cyberlympics 2018 in Atlanta, and what Capture the Flag (CTF) is. How were the qualifications and the final, and what kind of (super cool) tasks Antti and the team have hacked?

17:00 Food and drinks17.15 What is Talented?17:20 What is Boogie?17.25 Lea Viljanen: How to make money with hacking skills and what is the most cost-efficient way to find out security vulnerabilities?18.20 Antti Ollila: What is CTF and Antti's experiences from Global Cyberlympics 201818.45 Networking and sauna20:00 End of the event

Warm welcome!

keskiviikko, 06. helmikuu 2019, Boogie Software HQ, Talented x White Hat Hackers

Avanto Työpajasarja: Sote-alan yrittäjyys

Avanto Työpajasarja: Sote-alan yrittäjyys

keskiviikko 03. huhtikuu 2019
Avanto Työpajasarja: Rahoitus

Avanto Työpajasarja: Rahoitus

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