Tech Team Mad Skillz - Leadership... now what?, New Things Co, tiistai, 21. toukokuu 2019

So you've become a leader... now what?

This is an event for all team leads, tech leads, lead devs, or people who want to know more about what those people do, or should do!

Snacks and some drinks provided, we also have a lovely sauna for anyone wanting to hang out afterwards!

Elisa Heikura - Leading is serving and serving means asking
Christina Hellström - How to survive as a team lead & project leader without _actually_ killing somebody
Ferrix Hovi - Models, Science and Snake Oil - Starting points for leading people
Michael Fynes - Autonomy and the road to Sanity
Others! - TBC

Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash

tiistai, 21. toukokuu 2019, New Things Co, Tech Team Mad Skillz - Leadership... now what?

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