The Dilemmas of Disassembly, Espoo, tiistai, 05. marraskuu 2019

Learn how to sort materials into different streams through a hands-on device disassembly workshop. This exercise is to help business scholars to get a better understanding of the limits and possibilities of circular business models, and to expand their capabilities to communicate with technologically minded experts in companies and in the academia. This workshop is primarily targeted at colleagues from the field of business research, but anyone is welcome to participate. 
This project is part of the “Bridging Circular Economy Technologies and Business Models” project, a collaboration between the Aalto Schools of Business and Engineering. The workshops will provide a forum for cross-disciplinary researchers to exchange knowledge, practices and ideas related to circular economy study.

tiistai, 05. marraskuu 2019, Espoo, The Dilemmas of Disassembly

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