Theme Park MAY workshops 2019, Meduusa Studio, Xamk, lauantai, 04. toukokuu 2019

Meet Andrey Astakhov, concept-artist and a teacher in Smirnov School. During his workshop Andrey is going to teach you to work with materials in 2d art.

Antti Veräjänkorva is a senior graphics programmer at (also worked in companies like Rovio Entertainment and Remedy Entertainment). He is going to introduce you to the magic of shader creation in the Unity Engine.

Many of you already know Ivan Smirnov. This time he is going to share the main principles of the environment creation and concept art. Work hard and you’ll get your portfolio piece as a result of his workshop.

All workshops are 2 days long and are run in parallel, it is not possible for one person to be at two workshops simultaneously. Register only for one workshop. 

lauantai, 04. toukokuu 2019, Meduusa Studio, Xamk, Theme Park MAY workshops 2019

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