12. syyskuu 2019 - 17:00 asti 19:00

Valo Hotel/Work Exclusive Event, Helsinki, torstai, 12. syyskuu 2019

Located on Mannerheimintie 108, Helsinki, Valo Hotel/Work is the first The first hotel serves two purposes: work space during the day and hotel in the evening.
Valo Hotel/Work consists of 3 blocks: A, B, C. in the middle of the square, it is planned to be a concert open area.
It is 100% owned by buyer, owner/investor can use public service all year round without charge e.g. rooftop sauna, jaccuzi, pool, gym etc. 
The guaranteed ROI is 5%. An estimated 8%-10% ROI can be an option to choose followed by the market trend.
Constraction company: SSA Group (72 MEUR 2018, +24,90%)
Completion time: Summer 2020.

- SSA Group 
- Valo Hotel/Work in details
- Q&A
- Networking
An exclusive discount to FCREA will be given out during the event!

Please follow on the venue updates here.

torstai, 12. syyskuu 2019, Helsinki, Valo Hotel/Work Exclusive Event

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