Video Marketing Meetup Helsinki (November 2019), UMA Workspace Teurastamo, keskiviikko, 20. marraskuu 2019

Video marketing is the most effective way to tell our stories, drive traffic and increase engagement.  Video represents one of the most essential disciplines in marketing, and organizations are integrating video marketing into their strategies more than ever before. But effective video marketing can seem overwhelming to many marketers that want to harness the power of visual storytelling. That’s why the Video Marketing Meetup was established: to drive, inspire and motivate a growing global community around video marketing. 
Video Marketing Introductions
6 experts have been given the challenge of providing insight on how they use video marketing in their organization, tips, tricks and hacks on how to work better and smarter with video marketing - in under 3 minutes!
Keynote Speakers
The experts will enlighten you on current video marketing trends and strategies and share how to utilize video marketing throughout every stage of the funnel.
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keskiviikko, 20. marraskuu 2019, UMA Workspace Teurastamo, Video Marketing Meetup Helsinki (November 2019)

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