Workshop: Creating Marketing Videos in 3,2,1, Maria 01, torstai, 17. lokakuu 2019

Welcome to learn a new way to produce short online videos for  your marketing campaigns! 
During this video marketing workshop you will learn the best practice tricks that you can use in your marketing videos. Because its meant to be hands on, you will need to bring your own computers to start creating videos of your own. You will learn how to use AdLaunch service, and will get straight feedback from a professional video director.
Contents of the workshop: 

Why all marketers should create videos 
Different ideas for videos 
Setting up a goal 
Target audience
How long your video should be
Call to action 
Music in the video
Hands-on video creating with AdLaunch
Feedback session

About AdLaunch: 
AdLaunch is an award winning SaaS service, that enables marketers to easily create video ads to the increasing demand of marketing content. It’s a browser based video ad creator that helps you to design good looking videoads without previous design knowledge and modify them to different channel formats.
The presenter and CEO of AdLaunch Joel Hypén has thirteen years experience in entrepreneurship in media field and has directed video ads for many Finnish top design companies such as Iittala, Fiskars and MinnaParikka.
He has also directed TV-series to Finlands public service broadcasting company YLE and won an award in Berlin Fashion Film Awards in 2014 as best emerging director.

torstai, 17. lokakuu 2019, Maria 01, Workshop: Creating Marketing Videos in 3,2,1

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