13. heinäkuu 2019 - 9:30 asti 10:45

Yoga X No Junk, Kolaviken, lauantai, 13. heinäkuu 2019


13.7.2019 9.30

Bellevue Beach, Hanko

>> Kolaviken, 10960 Hanko, Finland


Slow & Juicy Flow

Explorative yoga that helps you connect deeper into the different layers of the body-mind. We will be moving trough a Slow Flow with time for both movement and stillness.

Please bring your own Towel/ Yoga Mat

Arrive at least 5min before class starts!

We’re really excited to announce that No Junk will be joining us at the event, with the philosophy of clean, natural food that actually taste delicious!! 

lauantai, 13. heinäkuu 2019, Kolaviken, Yoga X No Junk

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