Zure Artificial Intelligence Workshop for Independent Software Vendors (ISV's), Zure Oy, tiistai, 18. joulukuu 2018

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to transform many business areas in the near future. In some areas, new competitors in the market have been able to overtake more traditional companies by using data and technology in clever ways. In recent years, the toolset for developing AI applications has greatly expanded and development does not necessarily require an AI expert. The "citizen data scientists" are people who have the best business understanding and who are able to apply AI techniques in practice with specialized tools. The most probable winners in the competition are those who learn to use these tools workshop gives an overview of the most common AI methods and techniques and how to apply them in Microsoft Azure. The Azure AI Platform includes a wide selection of AI services for different needs. We will cover services such as Cognitive Services, ML Studio and Databricks and demonstrate their use in practice. We will also emphasize the collaborative nature of these services and the ease of operationalizing machine learning models for production workshop is intended for IT specialists and IT managers who develop software on Microsoft Azure.

Trainer: Lauri Lehman, PhD

Data Scientist at Zure
PhD, quantum computing
Focused on Azure Data Science Tools
7 years of experience in scientific computing and mathematical modeling
3 years of experience in data science and software development

tiistai, 18. joulukuu 2018, Zure Oy, Zure Artificial Intelligence Workshop for Independent Software Vendors (ISV's)

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